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Integrated Project Solutions (Page 2)

Integrated Project Solutions

Putting The Pieces Together

County Projects

City Projects

Town Projects

  "The need for a jail had been a point of discussion for several years, but it was not until the decision to hire PMSI, that any real progress was made. They taught us, guided us, encouraged us, and yet we never felt pressured, nor have we felt anything other than in control of our own project. PMSI has shown dedication, extensive knowledge and diplomacy. They have done exactly what they promised us."

School Projects

Commercial Projects

Gene Powlen, President
S Rex Harris
Kelly M Thompson
Cass County Board of Commissioners
Rex Harris 574.753.3143

Corporate Projects

Medical Projects

Religious Projects

Land Development

  "The great complexity of this type of project seems overwhelming and there are lots of decisions that must be made. PMSI simplified the process and made it easier to understand. From a personal stand point; let me say that it was truly a pleasure working with PMSI. My lack of knowledge and experience never became an issue during the project because PMSI diligently worked to ensure that everyone had a full understanding of each phase of the project."

Bryan C. Foster
Chief of Police Westfield In.

And Many More

PMSI's Integrated Project Solutions

can put our experience to work as

your project specialists



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