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Project Consulting

Every orchestra has its conductor, blending complex arrangements to create seamless harmony. PMSI's holistic and comprehensive Integrated Solutions (IPS) is similar. By helping owners, financial institutions, sureties, and others reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs, we eliminate the bad notes that spoil the show. PMSI's managers review every detail of all projects, set up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the process, and identify and resolve problems before they happen.

Integrated Project Solutions
    PMSI's teams provide the resources and experience to guide and control every aspect of the process. Our team includes specialists in highly technical areas as well as project administration. As we are experts in scheduling, value management, estimating, contract administration, inspection, claims and other crucial areas, PMSI's clients receive a full array of skills, which bring more projects in on time, within budget and without claims.

Troubled Project Turnaround
    While IPS is used most cost-effectively when used at the onset of the planning phase, it is also used to regain control after serious problems have caused delays or overruns. When retained under these circumstances, PMSI assembles a team that can most expediently address critical needs. PMSI's turnaround team designs new schedules, creates and implements procedures to get the project back on track. In addition, PMSI's experience in construction claims means our turnaround team can mitigate and resolve claims, without impeding newly established project schedules.

Project Oversight
    PMSI's oversight supports project success by independently anticipating problems, identifying setbacks and recommending solutions in every area of a project. The essence of oversight is to give clients objective information to make prudent decisions about key issues before major problems occur.
    PMSI's team provides timely and objective reporting, from evaluating the performance of the contractor, designer and other professionals, to monitoring schedules and analyzing costs. PMSI's teams include specialists in all phases of the project, so that the myriad events that occur on a project can be assessed and evaluated in a timely way by the right expert. Because PMSI's teams include experts who are leaders in their disciplines, our clients benefit from strong recommendations, which are both technically and financially sound Solutions.
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Integrated Project Solutions by PMSI
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