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Helping our clients mitigate the impact of project changes, avoid claims and resolve disputes are the focus of PMSI's claims services. PMSI's success is based on its people who are experts in all types of design and construction. Our professionals have spent their careers developing the highly specialized skills and knowledge that have proven invaluable to clients.

Unparalleled Expertise

    We put our expertise to work through an array of technical support solutions, including project delay and acceleration analysis, project scheduling, evaluation of labor productivity and inefficiency, cost estimating and audits, damages evaluation, contract liability analysis, defective design and construction forensics, negotiation and mediation support.
    PMSI's expert solutions reduce the risk and expense resulting from major disputes. In our work with owners, contractors, architects, engineers, lenders, sureties, insurers, and their counsel, PMSI's professionals objectively evaluate the merits of the parties' competing positions, providing a vital tool for assessing risk and developing solutions and strategies. With an eye toward avoiding litigation and controlling costs, PMSI performs the technical analysis that allows the effective use of alternative procedures at the earliest stages.
    By applying our experience in evaluating the most complex design and construction projects, PMSI can effectively support negotiation and avoid typical design or construction problems before they become a reality.

Integrated Project Solutions

PMSI's solutions help ensure that both public and private owners have the resources, procedures and project controls in place to acheive their goals. PMSI works closely with its clients and their personnel to evaluate existing project delivery systems, assess human and technological resources and enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of our clients' organizations. Our IPS solutions audit, recommend and help implement corrective strategies that maximize every organization's potential. In addition, PMSI's technical team systematically trains clients' personnel in the use of our recommended management tools, both through workshops and practical, on-the-job application.
    PMSI's experience in providing top-notch solutions is based upon our extensive experience in managing some of the toughest assignments and finding new ways to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.
    PMSI has worked with many large corporations, utilities, constructors, financial institutions and law firms, as well as governmental agencies at all levels. Through our efforts we have earned a reputation as a knowledgeable, thorough, dedicated and responsive partner to clients in every sector. Our success has been built on providing solutions to complex issues, providing exemplary service, and working together with clients to achieve outstanding results.
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Integrated Project Solutions by PMSI
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