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Integrated Solutions for Justice Projects

Building justice facilities means tough deadlines, critical security issues, and intense public scrutiny.

Overcrowded inmate populations, aging facilities with outdated systems, and continuing public pressure for mandatory and longer criminal sentencing all add up to the need for more construction of criminal justice facilities. Many issues contribute to making the system complicated and sometimes controversial: court-ordered deadlines, fast-tracked schedules, and budgets that are subject to intense public inquiry. In some cases, existing operations must be maintained and work completed around inmates. Owners need a solution that keeps justice projects on the straight and narrow path.


PMSI's solutions approach guards owners' interest.

At PMSI we understand the special complexities involved in justice systems. We provide a more holistic and comprehensive approach to state-of-the-art project controls, and community relations expertise to overcome potential roadblocks on your project. PMSI identifies all project elements precisely to allow accurate scheduling, budgeting, tracking, and reporting. We make sure that nothing escapes through the cracks.

PMSI's approach of "Integrated Project Solutions" begins with planning for occupancy at the outset. We assist with development, financing, design, and construction, as well as your relocation into the completed facilities. We make sure contracts include effective controls for monitoring progress and performance. During construction PMSI offers modern solutions and techniques, project controls, and the experienced staff you need for quality control and inspection.

Integrated Project Solutions

A Total Project Solution
Facility programming, development, and management
Grant administration
Design phase management
Bid packaging development
Procurement phase services
Constructability reviews
Project oversight
Schedule and cost control
Value Analysis, and Management; not just value engineering
Information systems management
Contract administration
Inspection/Quality control
Quality assurance
Change order control / negotiation
Claims avoidance / Dispute resolution
Community awareness programs
Management of security and electronic systems
Commissioning, Activation, and Relocation services
Transition assistance
Performance Contracting
And many more solutions that your project demands

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Integrated Project Solutions by PMSI
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